Dr Catherine Loveday, Principal Lecturer and Neuropsychologist at the University of Westminster, contributed to BBC Radio 4 programme How to Have a Better Brain.

How to Have a Better Brain is a programme that offers evidence-based tips and techniques, which serve as a practical guide to protecting and boosting brain function throughout our lives.

Dr Catherine Loveday appears on the programme to discuss the case of her mum, Scilla, a former Consultant Psychiatrist who is trying to combat her memory loss. In each programme, Dr Loveday uses her expertise on the human brain and memory to tackle Scilla’s difficulties, with practical tips based on exercise, relaxation, stimulation and sleep. The programme is presented by Sian Williams, a former Westminster Psychology MSc graduate, and also features Professor Angela Clow from the Department of Psychology.   

Asked about the importance of exercise for brain’s health, Dr Loveday said: “The evidence is overwhelmingly strong that exercise is good for our brain throughout our whole lives. Getting outside means you get more vitamin D, there’s better cardiovascular health, which means we carry more oxygen and glucose to the brain, and we are also removing more of the toxins. It also seems to mean that there is more synapses, more connections in the brain and more brain cells.”

Find all episodes of How to Have a Better Brain on BBC iPlayer.

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