Dr Catherine Loveday, Principal Lecturer at the University of Westminster, appeared on BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind to discuss research on sleep and mental health, published in the Journal of The Lancet Psychiatry, which involved ninety thousand people.

Asked to talk about the variance in sleep-wake cycles in people with mental health issues and those without, Dr Catherine Loveday said: “What they found in the study was that the difference between activity at night and day is a big thing. People who sleep at night and are active during the day were the most healthy, they were the least likely to report on mental health conditions and also, they had higher level of happiness and low level of loneliness.”

On the opposite, Dr Loveday explained that people who were not very active during the day or were too active at night with less distinction between day and night, are those more prone to mental health conditions.

Listen to Dr Loveday speaking on the programme from 20:00.

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