Westminster MBA alumnus Keiron Sparrowhawk, who has been confirmed as the keynote speaker at the Westminster Business School’s upcoming MBA Tuesday Club in January 2017, has published a new book titled Executive Function: Cognitive Fitness for Business.

Sparrowhawk will introduce insights from his book on cognitive fitness at the third MBA Tuesday Club which will take place at the University of Westminster’s Marylebone Campus from 6pm on 10 January 2017. The event brings together current, past and prospective participants of the Westminster MBA programme, giving them an opportunity to network, keep in touch and learn the latest business practices and ideas.

The recently published Executive Function: Cognitive Fitness for Business covers the importance of cognitive skills and how cognitive health relates to leadership and management performance. It also explains how leadership can be measured and improved upon by cognitive assessment and training, which creates more robust and agile leaders.  Speaking about his book, Sparrowhawk said: “This would not have occurred without Westminster Business School.”

Sparrowhawk is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He is an acknowledged global drug development and healthcare market access expert, with experience in Research and Development, Marketing and Company Director roles. During his career he has worked on and launched many neuropsychiatric products.

Sparrowhawk gained his Westminster MBA in 1998 and since then he has built MyCognition, a leading provider of personalised cognitive training programmes, , combining his 38 years of healthcare experience and business knowledge. MyCognition develops video games to assess and train cognition (our thinking, learning, reacting and memory processes) at all stages of life, in education and business delivering products for  schools and the workplace to improve cognitive health, performance and to enhance people’s lives.

In 2003 he co-founded and led PriceSpective, creating the most successful privately owned global biopharmaceutical ‘value consultancy’ company, and in 2010/11 he was President of the UK Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organisation.

Sparrowhawk also collaborates closely with the MBA team at the Westminster Business School, and has been actively contributing to the redesign of the new generation of Westminster MBA launching in September 2017.

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