Throughout this year, the Centre for Finance and Financial Services (CFFS) have produced several publications and organised a series of seminars.


The Pensions Research Network (PRN), had a series of meetings over the last year, including:

  • Procyclicality of pension fund regulation and behaviour, by Ward Romp, University of Amsterdam
  • Defined benefit pensions and corporate financial policy, by Sohnke Bartram, University of Warwick
  • Who saves for retirement? Understanding transitions in pension participation, by Mark Bryan, University of Essex
  • The financial pull of home: intra-Eu migration, pension regimes and the feasibility of staying put on retirement, by Paul Bridgen, University of Southampton
  • Time, complexity and governance in the world of funded pensions, by Noel Whiteside, University of Warwick
  • Financing long-term care for older people, by Raphael Wittenberg, London School of Economics

A number of postgraduate finance and accounting students attended the events and were able to network with outside academics and policy people.

The Pensions Research Network has also launched a newsletter, to keep members and interested parties up-to-date with recent developments within the field, as well as the latest research on related topics.


  • Angeliki Theophilopoulou (2014). International transmission of shocks: A time-varying Factor Augmented VAR approach to the open economy, Journal of International Money and Finance.
  • Orla Gough and Neeta Shah (et al 2013). Corporate reporting implication in migrating from defined benefit to defined contribution pension schemes: A focus on the UK in Accounting Forum.
  • Roberta Adami (et al 2013). The effect of labour earnings on post retirement income, Journal of Economic Studies.

Recent book chapters

  • Panagiotis, Gough, Nowman and Sivaprasad (2013). Are there Return and Volatility Spillovers from Major Bank Stocks to the National Stock Market in the UK? In International Finance Review, Vol.14, Chapter 9, Global Banking, Financial Markets and Crisis. Edited by B. N. Jeon and M. P. Olivero.

Paper presentations were also given at leading national and international conferences during the year. A number of research papers were completed and submitted to a range of 2* and 3* journals.

Further new staff appointments shortly will strength the CFFS research base in accounting and governance.

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