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Date: Wednesday 17 October 2012
Time: 12-4pm

Venue: Ambika, P3 Marylebone

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Welcome to the first ever Annual Careers Fair at the University of Westminster. Our aim is to present you with a range of opportunities, whether it is part-time work, a relevant work placement or a graduate entry level position. We have lined up 50 top employers for you to network with.

With so much recruitment now online, it is more important than ever to meet face to face with potential recruiters. You will have the chance to make a good first impression, find out about potential careers and ask some relevant questions. However, before you pitch up clutching your CV, there are a few things you need to know.

Employers are there because they want to recruit students and graduates from the University of Westminster. Making a good impression is therefore vital, so that organisations look favourably on your future applications. Exhibitors are expecting you to know a bit about their company. They are expecting you to have thoughtful and intelligent questions to ask – things you could not have found out from their website. They will expect you to already have an understanding of how you might fit in to their organisation. Whatever you do, don’t approach an exhibitor and ask them what they do! It is widely known that recruiters will look out for the applications from students who create a favourable impression – sometimes even passing names on to their HR teams. Do your research and find out who is attending. 

Preparation is the key to success. Research your top 10 employers and write down 3 questions you would like to ask the employers about their company or their opportunities. Prepare a tailored CV to take with you on the day. Dress smartly, be enthusiastic and engaged when speaking to potential employers. Make a note of people you have spoken to so that you can refer to them during the recruitment process – it will impress recruiters that you have taken the trouble to talk to someone in the company before applying for a job.

Remember – you are our Ambassadors and represent the best of what we have to offer industry. We are proud of our students and want to attract more top employers to come to our Annual Fair. By creating a good impression, you not only secure your own future, but the future of all the students who follow in your footsteps.


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