Professor Peter Paul Catterall from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Westminster appeared on Al Jazeera to comment on how the Tories and the leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn are portrayed in British media.  

Professor Catterall started by noting that the Tories are always perceived as the ones who are better at managing their money just because they have more money. He said: “The Tories have just preassigned it over a massive devaluation not for the first time and nobody’s talking about it.”

Commenting on the statement of the Institute of Fiscal Studies that Corbyn would be facing a blackhole of about 30 billion, which was published in the Daily Mail, Professor Catterall said that if this number was to be compared to the economic productions of the Tories, it might turn out that actually they are the ones fiscally incompetent.

Speaking about Jeremy Corbyn’s appearances in the media, Professor Catterall said: “Corbyn does not seem to have grasped how the media see him and, therefore, how he interacts with the media. From their point of view, he’s not just a leader of the Labour party, he’s the leader of the Opposition and he needs to be acting accordingly but he hasn’t been giving them the chunks of red meat that they need to feed on in order to do stories.”

Listen to Peter Paul Catterall speaking on Al Jazeera from 03:36.

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