On Monday 10 December, Adrian York, Senior Lecturer in Commercial Music Performance, presented an Interactive Music showcase of his song ‘Deeper Love’ creating a new and innovative model for music performance at Harrow Campus.

The event was the latest stage of Adrian’s innovative research into Interactive Musical Participation in which the audience had the opportunity to play music and contribute to the performance using phone apps and games controllers.

Prior to the event, attendees were invited to download the ‘DeeperLove’ SoundPad app from the Apple store. The app was designed to work with Adrian’s song allowing the audience members to triggering sounds using with their phone speakers for amplification during the event.

The performance was attended by 40 people who all had the chance to take part in the band performance. Two members of the audience were even able to ‘play’ solos, triggering sounds via a Wiimote game controller.

Interactive music performance
Adrian York’s Interactive Band line up: from left to right: Erik Bria, Christian Brewer, Gregton Cameron, Joon Lee and Adrian York

Joon Lee, a student who attended the performance, said: “I've got so much inspiration and many ideas from participating in the performance. This opens a lot of possibilities, and I hope to see the technique practically used in the music industry in the near future.”

Speaking about his research performance, Adrian York said: “It was perfect to be able to do this research at the University of Westminster with its unrivalled facilities and technical staff as well as involving students directly in the research as audience performers.

“This hasn’t been done before in this way. Imagine going to see U2 and 20,000 people pull out their phones at a specified moment and start making music together. It’s a revolutionary idea in the music industry!”

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