On 9 December Steven Machat, gave a seminar entitled 'A Personal Look Inside Thirty Years in the Music Industry'. It was a very interesting talk and many copies of his book were purchased on the evening.

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The book is fascinating for those eager to find out more about his very eclectic background and interests. Some details about Steven appear here and also see his blog http://stevenmachat.blogspot.com

"Steven Machat was born into the music business. His father Marty Machat, was one of the industry's first transatlantic, deal-making lawyer

/ entrepreneurs, representing legends such as James Brown, Sugar Ray Robinson, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Leonard Cohen, Phil Spector and many others. For months  Bobby Darin slept on the family couch…"

Successful PhD

The Centre are delighted to announce that the first of our PhD students, Oxana Chiscenco, successfully defended her thesis 'The Record Industry and Competition law in the Twenty First Century'. Well done Oxana.

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