Ancient wisdom for 21st century life: A free introductory talk on Vedic Meditation.
Overcoming stress and finding inspiration from within.

Time and date: Wednesday 25 February, 1–2pm
Location: LG.30 - Lecture Theatre 3, L Studios, Harrow Campus.

Ever found yourself tired out by the day? Does your workload and all of your life commitments sometimes feel relentless? Are you finding yourself feeling stressed or unnecessarily negative even when you don't want to be? Or do you simply have a lot of thoughts racing around the mind? There are very simple reasons why these, and so many related phenomena seem to be a consistent feature of modern life. However, there are simple ways we can move beyond the stresses and strains of life and experience a level of capability where we feel relaxed, energised, calm, clear, creative and fully stationed in the present moment, and we can achieve this without even trying! You just need to know how.

If this resonates, come along to our free introductory talk on Vedic meditation which will provide insights into how and why many of us are not living our lives to the fullest.

Once you understand the problem, you can start finding solutions that will deliver meaningful change in the way you deal with, and respond to, all of life's challenges. There is a growing convergence between the ancient wisdom of the east and our modern scientific understanding and by utilising both, we can seek out and employ those techniques which will deliver the most progressive change in the easiest possible manner. And with this, we can thrive and excel in all that we do. Come and find out more at our interactive event.

Will Williams is the founder of a leading London meditation centre. He helps individuals achieve, balance, resilience and assists leading organisations with their corporate meditation needs.


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