The Pensions Research Network had another successful event on Friday 20 March 2015. 

The event featured 3 speakers that presented on the following topics:

Enrico Biffis, Imperial College London, presented on "Pension buyouts, longevity swaps, and other innovations in pension de-risking solutions”. Enrico looked at how different new pension products enable pension fund trustees to reduce the overall risk profile of their investments, thereby stabilising payments. 

Bernard Casey, Warwick Business School and London School of Economics and Political Science, presented on “The abolition of the annuity obligation in the UK: what it means”. Bernard discussed the recent developments with regard to the annuity obligation, providing some historical perspective regarding these changes. 

Spyridon Vrontos, University of Essex presented on “Funds’ performance measurement”. Spyridon discussed how the way that fund performance is measured can have an impact on investment choices and introduced a new way of measuring the performance of pension funds and investments. 

The next Pensions Research Network workshop will take place on 11 March. 

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