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You are invited to a film screening of Yvo and Chrissy, followed by a discussion with the director, He Xiaopei.

Yvo and Chrissy explores the alternative lives chosen by two English people, who between them gave up an inheritance of £1m, several properties and a phallus. Yvo rejected her inheritance to become a poet, writer, performer and diver who lives off the sea. Chrissy relinquished a settled life and phallus, and became a transgender traveller, film maker and musician, living in the mountains.

Their life stories provoke many questions: Does money bring misery as well as happiness? What does gender-affirming surgery liberate and what does it suppress? Do homosexual identities liberate or immobilise desires?

The film takes a journey through their witty, extreme, gloomy and also humorous stories, which inspire thinking on how social norms and movements interplay with identities, humanities and well-being. This film is compelling viewing for anyone interested in non-mainstream approaches to money, gender, and sexual identity, and the search for more authentic ways of living.

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This event is free and open to all. Please register to attend by emailing Derek Hird at [email protected]

About He Xiaopei

He Xiaopei is executive director of the Pink Space Sexuality Research Centre in Beijing and a film director. Her films include The Lucky One, which follows an HIV positive woman with advanced cancer re-telling her story of struggle with poverty and a judging society, and Our marriage: When lesbians marry gay men in China, an exploration of the lives of four lesbians who decided to marry gay men in order to secretly pursue their relationships with their girlfriends and at the same time fulfil their social obligation to get married.