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Policies and practices to promote work enhancing pathways in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Professor Fred Steward (Policy Studies Institute, University of Westminster) on Europe

Professor Dimitris Stevis (Colorado State University) on the US

Followed by round table discussion with participants, including Dr Paul Hampton (FBU) and others invited from a number of trade unions

If you would like to attend, please contact Linda Clarke ([email protected]).

This workshop has been organised as part of the activities of the International Policy Group of the ACW Climate Change, Labour and Work project, co-ordinated by York University, Canada.

Fred Steward and Dimitris Stevis will present drafts of review documents on recent developments in trade union/labour movement policy and novel trade union/ labour practices addressing environmental sustainability and climate change in US and Europe. For the US, the review is being produced together with Becky Glass and Jeremy Brecher of the Labor Network for Sustainability.

The focus of each review is to identify new policies and practices which engage with the ‘transition to a green, low-carbon economy’ from the perspective of proactive initiatives to promote work-enhancing pathways. The intention is to move on from the traditional broad overview of trade unions and the environment and to assess recent policy reviews and proposals in order to map out a new work-enhancing green economy transition agenda, which might form the basis for subsequent action-oriented research strands with particular policy players. Participants, including from different trade unions, are invited to respond to these reviews.

Fred Steward is Professor of Innovation and Sustainability in the Policy Studies Institute and President of the European Association for the Study of Science & Technology, EASST. Fred is a partner on the ACW project. He is also working with the EIT Climate-KIC network of European Transition Cities and the European Climate Foundation initiative on Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness (I24C).

Dimitris Stevis is Professor of Political Science at Colorado State University and an investigator with ACW. His transition-related research explores the environmental politics of labor unions and the labour politics of environmentalists in the USA and at global level, and Colorado’s move towards renewable energy. Social and environmental justice are central to both projects. For the review, he is working with members of the Labor Network for Sustainability, Jeremy Brecher and Becky Glass, which seeks to go beyond simply building bridges between labour and environmental movements and to construct a shared vision for the future of the economy from the ground up.

This seminar is an opportunity to critically discuss in an open forum these reviews and the issues raised and consider their implications. If you would like to attend and to help forecast catering provision, please Contact: Professor Linda Clarke, [email protected] or 020350 66528.