An interdisciplinary conference will be hosted at University College Cork, Ireland to bring together multiple perspectives on representations of war in visual culture. It is intended that the conference will lead to the formation of a multi-disciplinary, international scholarly community with its own calendar of events and digital presence.
Speakers will include:
Dr Laura Brandon, Canadian War Museum
Dr Sabine Kriebel, University College Cork
Dr Éimear O’Connor, Trinity College Dublin
Dr David Woods, University College Cork

Topics include but are not exclusively restricted to the following: Art history, political and military history; social and cultural history; religious history; discourse analysis; legacy, memory; propaganda, the perspectives of colonial powers and the colonised in the visual art; the perspectives of war artists, both as participants in warfare and as official war artists; war trauma; Irish and international perspectives on Northern Ireland.

The visual arts for the purpose of this conference include the fine arts,cinema, advertising, graphic design and photography (to include photojournalism) and documentary.

Please address all initial enquiries to:
Ann Murray
Department of History of Art
University College Cork
[email protected]