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Yu-li Liu (National Chengchi University, Taiwan) - The Transformation of Internet Media Governance: Live Streaming in China

In the past ten years, online media have had an increasing impact on traditional media. With the development of mobile internet technology, not only the boundary between telecommunications and media is gradually disappearing, but also the boundary between viewers and content producers is becoming increasingly blurred. Live streaming exactly reflects this trend. Since 2015, live streaming platforms in China have developed from a few niche media to popular media and now involve more than 300 million users and 500 registered companies.

In China, media is considered to be an important instrument for maintaining the nation’s culture, social order and national stability. Therefore, it cannot be separated from political propaganda. This is why the Chinese government has been so concerned with the influence of media, including live streaming. In this talk, Professor Liu will examine whether the current model of internet media governance is still a good model for regulating live streaming services in China and she will look at alternative models for regulation.

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