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The Rubber Hand Illusion (RHI) is an illusion of bodily awareness in which tactile sensations are referred to an alien limb (Botvinick & Cohen, 1998). It shows that the brain generates a representation of the body by a process of multisensory integration, whereby visual, tactile and proprioceptive information is integrated in the superior parietal lobule; that the brain's representation of the body is highly dynamic and can be easily manipulated; and that vision appears to be more important than the other sensory modalities for this dynamic body representation. I will demonstrate my own variation of the RHI (referred to as the Hand Swap Illusion), in which the rubber hand is substituted with a real hand. This will be followed by a discussion of what such illusions tell us about the sense of body ownership, within the context of various neurological conditions in which body ownership is disrupted.