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You are invited to participate in the Westminster Global Challenge, an international student conference organised by the Department of Politics and International Relations (DPIR) at the University of Westminster, in partnership with the recently founded Democratic Education Network (DEN) within DPIR.

Conference theme: The end of the global?

Globalisation is not just a political or economic process – it operates as a global movement, changing our accounts of what it means to be human. To revert back to 20th century understandings of global affairs is now practically impossible, so it is crucial to investigate how globalisation functions across the world, highlighting the multitude of different lived experiences and human stories. 

In a truly ‘global’ fashion, we strongly encourage participants from around the world to present papers which discuss the challenges facing a (post)-globalised world from their own unique perspectives. Too often, studies of globalisation compartmentalise the phenomenon from the perspective of one discipline and one location. Our hope is to provide a forum for a wide range of scholars from several disciplines to understand the connections linking contemporary responses to globalisation.

The conference encourages students from around the world to present on topics linked to globalisation, such as: economics, political science, international relations, international security, gender and sexuality, international institutions, international development, sociology, social policy, media studies, philosophy, comparative literature, international law, criminology, and cultural studies.

Submission of papers

We welcome a broad range of contributions on topic areas linked to globalisation and global change, including the topics listed above.

You must submit your file in Microsoft Word format file via email to [email protected]

  • Deadline for submission of abstract: 15 March 2017.
  • Final for submission of draft paper: 24 April 2017.

Final decision on the paper submission will be conveyed within a week. Submission by any other mode shall not be accepted. 



For further information, please contact Donald Aasen on [email protected] or Andrea Montalvo on [email protected]

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