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A MusicTank / Music Department event featuring Billy Bragg - Independent Artist; Mark Williamson, Director Of Artist Services - Spotify and Roger La Haye, Co-founder - The Royalty Consultancy.

This is a paid-for event with special rates for any students or staff wishing to attend.

Subscription-based and ad-supported streaming music services will continue to grow significantly in 2014, both in terms of major entrants into the market and, current indicators suggest, in the number of subscriptions.

For some, streaming is the future of music consumption and thus recorded music revenues; dissent about the current economics of streaming is therefore short-sighted, and dissenters should be patient until the model reaches scale. For others, including some vocal artists, there is a fundamental problem with the way money passes through the system, eventually trickling through to creators.

This polarisation is only to be expected. Streaming is not just a new format; it heralds a revolution in the way music is consumed, with ownership of creative content being superseded by variations of the ‘access’ model. It also brings with it a complex new revenue system that many are struggling to understand.

Despite Spotify’s attempt in late 2013 to shine some light on its equations, there is still a palpable sense of confusion and distrust amongst artists both old and new around streaming. With this in mind, MusicTank aims to shed some light into the economics of the record business’ next big format shift.

For full details please visit MusicTank's webpage about this event.

For more information, please contact Jenny Tyler at [email protected] or visit the MusicTank website.