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The Department of English, Linguistics and Cultural Studies is proud to host the 16th Westminster Colloquium  on ‘The Apocalypse and Its Discontents on 11-12 December 2010. The University of Westminster is grateful to Kingston University the Brunel Centre for Contemporary Writing and the Science Fiction Foundation for supporting this event.

The conference aims to address and investigate the pervasive appeal of ‘the End’ in diverse disciplines and popular representations. Visions of destruction and fantasies of the end have always haunted humankind, but the modern period in particular has been characterised by a mixed sense of concern and fascination with the apocalypse, and even more so during the twentieth century. Today we are constantly presented with scenarios of imminent destruction and annihilation, by politicians, scientists, religious groups, and writers, among others. This conference explores the widespread fascination with the apocalypse across different disciplines and cultures and includes topics such as the ones below.

  • The Apocalypse in Anglo-American fiction, film and television
  • Apocalypse, Gender and ‘Race’
  • Global Perspectives to ‘the End’: Russia, India, Japan
  • Apocalypse and ‘theory’: Benjamin, Žižek, Dupuy
  • Millennialist subcultures
  • Apocalypse and Popular Culture: Comic Books, Video games, Music
  • Narratives of the Aftermath
  • Children’s Media and ‘the End’
  • Apocalypse Online
  • Aesthetics of the Apocalypse

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Adam Roberts - Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr. Patricia Wheeler - University of Hertfordshire

Prof. John R. Hall - UC Davies, California