Traditionally, teachers have been encouraged to think of grammar as essentially meaning the official canon as laid out in such books as Raymond Murphy's English Grammar In Use. In this provocative, challenging talk, Hugh and Andrew will suggest that this is a profoundly limited way of looking at grammar. Alternative viewpoints will be put forward, and the implications for classroom practice will be considered.

6-6.30pm Welcome

6.30-7.30pm Presentation

7.30-8.30pm Reception

About Hugh Dellar and Andrew Walkley

Hugh Dellar and Andrew Walkley are both teachers and teacher trainers at the University of Westminster. They are also responsible for two five-level General English series, Innovations and Outcomes, published by National Geographic Learning. In addition, they are currently working on a methodology book, Teaching Lexically, which they expect to see released next year. Both are keen bloggers, with Hugh writing at and Andrew at

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