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China’s petroleum sector is experiencing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, strong economic pressures and the Party’s insistence on meritocratic governance are encouraging performance-oriented reforms. On the other, the Chinese government’s promotion of inclusive development and growing control over state-owned enterprises gestures at the ongoing importance of extra-economic or social welfare ends.

China’s petroleum corporations therefore face a challenging development agenda of competing, or even opposing, aims, visions and priorities.

This seminar, linked to the Energy and Environmental Change MA, examines these tensions in the context of recent changes in Chinese oil corporations’ recruitment and selection practices. It also considers such changes’ relation to the sector’s evolving governance 'logic' and the 'winners' and 'losers' that are being created.

The conclusions are drawn from an expansive analysis of stakeholder interviews, recruitment data sets and corporate records.

This event is free and open to all – no booking is required.

About the speakers

Nikita Makarchev is a Magdalene College Bye-Fellow and PhD candidate in Development Studies at Cambridge University. He completed an MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies at Oxford and a BA in Government at Harvard. His research examines justice and governance in China’s state-owned enterprises. He has presented papers at international conferences and engaged in non-profit and think tank work.

Yuan He is a PhD candidate at the Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge. Previously, she was Jawaharlal Nehru University visiting scholar and holds an MPhil from Cambridge University, a Graduate Certificate from Hopkins Nanjing Centre and a BA from Nanjing University. Her research centres on China and India’s governance logic and its impact on rural well-being. She has published in academic journals and presented papers at international conferences.