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China’s one-child-policy has been mainly portrayed from a macro-level perspective using demographic surveys and population statistics as principle means for inquiry on population size, fertility behaviour and economic change. While it has been critiqued as one of the main biopolitical tools of the state’s social engineering power over its citizens, women’s experiences as main targets of state administered birth control have found only little
attention so far or only concern the Han Chinese majority. To examine specifically the experiences of targeted rural minority women can help us to understand their cultural subjectivities as well as the little known local realities and variety of policy implementation in minority areas of China
(Qinghai Province).

Dr. Mona Schrempf is a cultural and medical anthropologist with almost two decades of research experience with Tibetan speaking communities in China and the Himalayas. Her interests concern health and illness related issues in medicine, religion and culture, and ritual performance and social change, including oral historical approaches. She has done ethnographic research on Tibetan women’s health and their experiences with family planning and medicine, Tibetan medicine and local healing traditions, and is presently working on the globalization of Tibetan medicine as a post-doctoral research fellow in the Wellcome Trust Research Project “Beyond Tradition: Ways of Knowing and Styles of Practice in East Asian Medicines 1000 to the Present” with Professor Volker Scheid at the East Medicine Centre, School of Life Sciences, University of Westminster. Her books include Medicine Between Science and Religion: Explorations on Tibetan Grounds (eds with V. Adams and S. Craig, 2010), Studies of Medical Pluralism in Tibetan History and Society (eds with S. Craig, M. Cuomu and F. Garrett, 2010), Figurations of Modernity: Global and Local Representations in Comparative Perspective (eds with V. Houben, 2008), and Soundings in Tibetan Medicine: Historical and Anthropological Perspectives. 

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