Location: Law School, St Mary’s University, Twickenham, London

A symposium on law and quantum theory that will seek to understand the new ethical, legal and scientific problems posed by the burgeoning field of quantum technology and attempt to construct an appropriate model for regulation. Equally, it will examine the applicability and relevance of models of understanding which stem from quantum theory to legal problems and complex and perplexing issues in legal theory.

In seeking to understand the relationship between law, justice and quantum theory, the workshop will ask two original and overlapping questions.

Quantum theories of law and justice: Can the ideas developed in the field of quantum theory, the study of physics at the sub-atomic level, be usefully drawn upon, applied or observed within the operation of the law, a similarly complex set of rules, or in the articulation of ideas of ethics or justice? Such questions might include:

  • Does a complex system of rules such as the law display similar properties to those observed in quantum theory?
  • Can ‘quantum’ ideas be applied outside of quantum physics itself such as in the legal or ethical field?
  • Does a legal system possess a ‘quantum’ level?
  • Can models, whether mathematical or cognitive, from quantum theory better predict legal outcomes or explain the application of rules in certain circumstances?
  • Do any ideas from quantum theory mean that we should revisit our assumptions about or within the law?

Regulating quantum theory and quantum technology: The use and application of emerging quantum technologies pose potentially radical regulatory issues for the legal system, and the regulatory framework of research and new technologies shapes the potential avenues for new developments in quantum theory and their application.

  • Is it possible to identify the regulatory problems and potential solutions for new quantum technologies and their potential uses?
  • Are there particular risks which are posed by quantum technologies which require new regulatory methods or goals, or are their beneficial potential quantum technologies hampered by unsuitable regulation?
  • Does the complexity of quantum technology make it impossible to regulate?
  • What novel regulatory, ethical and legal issues are raised by quantum theory and is the legal system capable of responding to the needs of various stakeholders through current or new regulatory solutions?
  • Does quantum technology pose new problems or new iterations of existing ones?

For more details go to the Quantum Law: An interdisciplinary exploration of quantum theory, law and ethics website.

To register, please email [email protected].