Plug in your Brain at our Free Student Psychology Lectures

Following the enormous success of our Plug in Your Brain series of evening public lectures, the Department of Psychology is offering a day of stimulating, informative and fun lectures for A Level students, delivered by high profile academics.

 This is an opportunity for students to:

  • improve their knowledge and awareness of the breadth of psychology and why it is relevant to everyone
  • be inspired by successful academics and practitioners with a passion for public dissemination of psychology
  • find out about some of the exciting and ground-breaking research being carried out in the heart of London
  • hear from students about what life is like at university
  • try out some psychology experiments and/or be a participant in some of our research projects
  • find out about opportunities and careers for psychology graduates.

Attendance is free but pre-registration is essential. To book your place visit our online registration page.

Programme includes:


One of the world’s leading experts on the psychology of love and attraction, Dr Viren Swami, talks about what makes us attracted to others and why we fall in love. Think opposites attract, that looks matter, or that playing hard-to-get works? Think again.

Living without Memory

Neuropsychologist, Dr Catherine Loveday, is joined by ‘Claire’, a woman with severe amnesia, and together they explain why memory is so fundamental to everyday life and what it is like when it disappears.

All in the Mind

Is it possible to reduce anxiety, boost brain-power and improve health simply by sitting still? Dr Trudi Edginton tells us about the neuroscience and psychology of mindfulness meditation and explains how it is used in psychotherapy.

Does Freud Suck?

Most people will know Sigmund Freud as the interpreter of dreams and the unconscious mind, but what did he really say and what do psychologists really think of him? Social psychologist Alan Porter puts the life and work of Freud in context.

Working with Prisoners

Self-harm and suicide is a prolific problem in offenders but what is it that makes offenders so much more vulnerable than non-offenders? PhD student Jay Mackenzie talks sensitively about her research in this area and discusses what it is like to work as a psychologist in a prison setting.