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How does law become an expression for separating normal and transgressive forms of passion? In this talk Professor Das tracks how the notion of passion is evoked in legal judgments in India in relation to inter-community marriages and the shadow of the law in other sites such as police stations, local publics, and within the sphere of the domestic. In creating the lines between culture and nature, the normal and the abnormal, the male comes to stand for the "human" and law becomes the expression of an invented natural history in which notions of life and law absorb each other. She explores further how we might think of the relation between social contract and sexual contract as also notions of consent, contingency and belonging as crafted by forms of the "legal".

Nearest Tube: Baker Street. Venue is opposite Madame Tussaud's.

Attendance is free, but a list of all attendees is required by the venue.

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