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A number of recent incidents, on buses and elsewhere, have seen the public stand by and watch (or film on their smartphone) while vulnerable people are verbally attacked and abused for their appearance, race or religion. Why does no-one stand up to express their dismay? It’s not about the F-word (faith). It’s about the H-word - humanity. Why is the H always silent? What can we do to empower people to stand up for humanity? What has been the impact of the refugee crisis?

Chaired by David Brindle, Guardian Public Services Editor, a panel of speakers will join a lively debate into how we can transcend, without ignoring, issues of faith to make sure the H is no longer silent. The panel of expert speakers will include: Eric Appleby, Encompass Trust, Julie Siddiqui, Islamic Society of Britain, Zrinka Bralo, The Forum and Kathryn Waddington, Head of Psychology, University of Westminster.

This event is free. Donations welcome.

To book your place, email [email protected]

The debate is organised by Encompass Trust in partnership with the University of Westminster. Encompass works with young people to help them gain an awareness and understanding of their own, and others’, sense of identity and culture. With that come the confidence and the skills to challenge where they see a lack of humanity. To stand up for, and stand up to, others.