China Media Centre 2019 talk.

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Chair: Professor Hugo de Burgh
Speaker: Sun Shuyun

About the speaker

Writer, filmmaker and creative director of Eos Films.

Shuyun has directed and produced some of the most watched films for international broadcasters on China, including: 

  • A Year in Tibet 
  • 1421: The Year China Discovered America? 
  • Heroes of the Enlightenment 
  • Art of China 
  • Marco Polo - A Very Modern Journey 
  • Sky River of the Himalayas 

Shuyun is the author of three critically acclaimed books: 

  • A Year in Tibet accompanies the BBC series, telling the stories of eight ordinary Tibetans throughout the year; 
  • The Long March records the true testimony of the Communist veterans whom she found while retracing the Long March; 
  • Ten Thousand Miles Without a Cloud recounts her physical and spiritual journey when she followed the footsteps of the 7th century Chinese monk Xuanzang from China through Central Asia to India and back.

Further information

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