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Presented by the Sprovieri Gallery at Ambika P3.

Born in Greece in 1936, Jannis Kounellis witness some of the most tumultuous periods in modern art, and he is one of the few artists to have radically impacted the scene since the 1960s. Based in Rome since 1956, his career began on canvas, but after his "Alphabet"paintings Kounellis abandoned the two-dimensional surface. He became a central figure of the Arte Povera movement, developing a vocabulary of modest materials such as coal, wool and coffee, and even incorporated living animals like parrots and horses into this art.

Kounellis' work took on a spatial dimension with ensembles reflecting industrial and agrarian societies, as well as moral and social concerns. His steel plates form the background of a continuous drama between light and shadow, the solid and the fragile, life and death.