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You are warmly invited to a talk by

Professor Valentin Mudimbe, Duke University

Representations of "Africas"

Si essent in analogia. a meditation on the difference that might not be one


Old Cinema, University of Westminster
309 Regent Street

Today's intercultural studies, and their history, may contain a lesson for the most important issue concerning our present condition - the discourse that translates, expresses and interprets it.

The 2008 Berlin exhibition "In the Desert of Modernity" at the House of World Cultures testified to the cultural paradoxes of intercultural encounters and their effects.

For centuries, representations of "Africas" struggled between cliché and difference.

The theories underpinning them have been progressively contested, and the premises on which they constructed a system for mapping the world have been questioned.

Professor Mudimbe's talk will speak to these contested representations and reflect on today's search for ways of transforming regional spaces into maps of dialogue and questioning.

Professor Valentin Y. Mudimbe is the author of numerous non-fiction books and articles about African culture, poems, and novels. He was born in the Belgian Congo, which became Zaire and is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After a teaching post at Stanford University, he now teaches at Duke University. Professor Mudimbe focuses most closely on phenomenology, structuralism, mythical narratives, and the practice and use of language. He also teaches ancient Greek geography.

The talk is organised by Maryse Bray, [email protected], and Hélène Gill, [email protected]

Entrance to the seminar is free and all are welcome, but please RSVP Helena Scott, [email protected]