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The China Centre of Kiel University will be hosting the 9th International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicine (ICTAM IX) of the International Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine (IASTAM).

This year’s congress will only be the second congress of this kind taking place in Europe and dealing with the topic of “Asian Medicines: Encounters, Translations and Transformations”. ICTAM IX will focus on the contextualization of recent developments in the field of Asian Medicines in the Western World as well as in Asia itself. Therefore the congress will have a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary exchange in a variety of topics.

These topics include the perspective of historians, people in the medical field, and social and cultural scientists on the shaping of Asian Medicine in the 21st century.

The following eleven topics are covered:

  1. Encounters, Receptions, Transformations of Asian medicine in Western medical and academic contexts;
  2. Ethnobotany: Phytochemistry, Pharmacology and Clinical Studies: Multidisciplinary approaches.
  3. Improving the standard of clinical trials;
  4. Politics, Industry, Economics, Global Health, Development;
  5. Botany and Conservation;
  6. Ageing and Health Care;        
  7. Translation of Asian medicine into English and other European languages;
  8. Practitioners and Academics/Scholarship and Practice;
  9. Breath, Spirits, Meditation, Movement Practices;
  10. The Traditional Medicines of Central and West Asia;
  11. Health Promotion through Asian Medicine. Paper proposals outside these areas are also invited and will be grouped under Miscellaneous and free Topics.


Further event information

Open call for papers

Please feel free to spread the word among your colleagues.

We would we like to get a diverse and high profile group of presenters. We are interested in any participant to add their art to ICTAM IX.