Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE

The Graduate School is pleased to invite all doctoral researchers and staff colleagues to this year’s inaugural annual lecture to be delivered by Professor Jim Al-Khalili on the topic of public engagement in research. The lecture will be followed by Questions & Answers and a drinks reception.

Over the last two decades, ‘science communication’ and ‘public engagement’ have received increasing attention among learned societies and government agencies, and researchers are now routinely expected to present and debate their work in various public arenas. Recent trends in public engagement go beyond the role of the academic as public intellectual, advocating more direct and diverse forms of communication and participation. Researchers are encouraged to relate their work to different publics and make use of a multitude of methods and media. However, it should not be read as given that good and interesting research automatically translates into good and interesting communication. Public engagement is a skill in itself requiring commitment, training and practical experience.

Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE is one of the UK’s leading experts and practitioners in the field of public engagement. He is a physicist, author and broadcaster based at the University of Surrey where he also holds a chair in the Public Engagement in Science. He has published widely in his specialist field of theoretical nuclear physics, but spends half of his time as a science communicator. He has written many popular science books, between them translated into 26 languages, and is a regular presenter of TV science documentaries, including the Bafta nominated BBC series, Chemistry: A Volatile History, but is probably best known as presenter of the weekly BBC Radio 4 programme, The Life Scientific. He is a recipient of the Royal Society Michael Faraday medal and the Institute of Physics Kelvin Medal.

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