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Six page Summary document: Diversity in the legal profession in england and wales

Diversity in the legal profession in england and wales: a qualitative study of barriers and individual choices


Centre for Legal Profession and Legal Services Studies, University of Westminster School of Law
The Legal Services Board


Introduction by Professor John Flood, University of Westminster School of Law
Mr Chris Kenny, CEO Legal Services Board
Professor Andrew Boon, University of Westminster School of Law

Report Presenters

Ms Liz Duff, University of Westminster School of Law,
Professor Hilary Sommerlad, University of Leicester Law School
Dr Anna Zimdars, Research Fellow, Institute for Social Change, Manchester University
Dr Daniel Muzio, University of Leeds Business School,
Dr Jennifer Tomlinson, University of Leeds Business School
Dr Lisa Webley, University of Westminster School of Law


Mr Crispin Passmore, LSB
MR David Pittaway QC, Bar Council
Ms Pat Corcoran and Stephen Ward, Law Society
Professor Andrew Boon
Moderated by Professor John Flood

The seminar is being held to launch a new research report commissioned by the Legal Services Board on diversity in the legal profession.

Over the last 20 years there have been dramatic changes in the legal profession. In 2008/09 women made up 46 per cent of practising solicitors and 60 per cent of entrants to the profession. For the Bar the figures are 34 per cent (women barristers) and 50 per cent (women entrants). In the case of black and minority ethnic lawyers there has been a 244 per cent increase in their numbers between 1996 and 2006. However, despite these increases the legal profession is still dominated by white males. There is a greater division with white lawyers being over-represented in City law firms and at the Bar, while BME lawyers are found in greater numbers in smaller High Street law firms.

The research presented in this seminar examines the causes for these differences, their persistence and what strategies are available to change cultures and expectations.

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