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Escaping the Lawscape: a game of compliance, deviance and justice

  • Who determines how you move? Where you stop?
  • Who belongs where? Who is excluded?
  • Where is justice? And how do we build it?

The lawscape is an invisible structure that controls our actions, affects our choices and alters our behaviour. We will reveal the hidden architecture of control, the layers of influence that keep us in line, that limit our choices. First you will comply, then you will resist, and finally find the space of justice, in a series of games winding through the local environment exploring conflicts and cooperations that make up the fabric of Hackney Wick. Open up your bodies to the atmosphere; go deeper into the lawscape of bridges and canals; emerge with your desires, enter into conflicts, and form posthuman partnerships.

Location: Arebyte Gallery, 49 White Post Lane, #4 Queens Yard, E9 5EN

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This event is part of Crowd Control: exploring collective behaviour in Hackney Wick.

Hackney Wick becomes playground and petri dish for a series of games and experiments exploring the collective interactions between individuals, groups and their environments.

Crowd Control connects art, science, law and urban design in an interdisciplinary study of the control mechanisms that affect human behaviour, exploring how groups move together, transfer information, make decisions and respond to change.

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