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China Media Centre 2017 Spring Seminar with Alex Kirkby.


The position of US President Donald Trump on climate change seems to have moderated to some degree since his election, and earlier fears that he intended to reject the Paris Agreement may not be fulfilled. But in the early stages of his presidency it is difficult to be certain what his policy will prove to be on several key issues. One of the factors shaping that policy will be his extensive business experience and the recognition that the road to a low-carbon economy offers the USA huge economic opportunities. The policy choices he finally makes may, however, still be influenced more by ideology than by scientific fact.

About the speaker

Alex Kirby has worked as a journalist for 45 years. He was environment correspondent for BBC News in radio, TV and online from 1987 to 2005, and now with three other science and environment specialist journalists runs the Climate News Network, a free news service which they set up in 2013. It is open to everyone, but is aimed especially at developing world journalists. He is a member of China’s Climate Change Communication programme's consultative committee.


Date: 16 March 2017
Time: 2–4pm
Venue: A1.04, Harrow
Chair: Professor Chang Xiangqun

This event is free to attend.