This regular monthly seminar is about the implications of climate change for work, labour and the trade unions.


Labour and the green economy: climate change, work, labour and trade unions

Fred Steward from the Policy Studies Institute will set a framework for addressing the green economy, labour and governance issues, including the benefits for workers and workplaces of the green policy shift.

Trade unions and climate change in the UK: prisoners of neoliberalism or swords of climate justice?

Paul Hampton from the Fire Brigades Union will examine the response by trade unions in the UK to climate change for over 25 years and the debates, conflicts and contradictions existing between competing union views, including on coal and aviation.

He will question how unions frame climate politics, how far they have really engaged with (or adjusted to) the dominant climate politics and to what extent they have articulated their own independent and innovative conception.

These talks will be followed by a round table discussion on what trade unions can do. The discussion will include Sarah Pearce (Unison), Graham Petersen (University and College Union), Igor Diaz and Jairo Quiroz from the Colombian coal miners’ union SINTRACARBON, and Christine Haigh from Global Justice.
For further details and to reserve a place, please contact Linda Clarke at [email protected].