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Part of the Higher Education Academy Seminar Series.

Many universities are increasingly recognising the value of interdisciplinary learning and collaborative practice, yet there are significant challenges to implementing it within institutional structures. Concurrently, there is a burgeoning development of courses and programmes specifically designed to connect the arts and sciences – in order to share knowledge, exchange practices and develop new modes of thinking in an increasingly complex world.

This seminar will explore the possibilities and the pitfalls of interdisciplinary educational practice in the context of this wider discourse, using the Broad Vision art/science learning project as a case study. This seminar will present research, share experiences, facilitate discussions, and offer practical exercises to enable participants to identify possibilities for interdisciplinary learning.

Broad Vision is an educational research project ‘in action’, which since 2010, has developed learning opportunities across the arts and sciences, with students taking a central role in the design and delivery of the curriculum. Through interdisciplinary exploration students become teachers, researchers and producers as they engage with questions relating to biology and psychology, technology and creativity, art and science.

The programme, delivered by lecturers and students, will include talks, discussions and practical exercises including:

  • Art/Science Research and Learning
  • Disciplinary Exchange and Creative Collaboration
  • Interdisciplinary Learning Spaces
  • Experts and Novices
  • Student Engagement
  • Interdisciplinary Scenario Building
  • Barriers to Curriculum Development

This event is funded as part of the Arts & Humanities workshop and seminar series 2013-14.

The workshop is free to attend for delegates but booking is essential to secure your place, as numbers are limited. The seminar is open to all, but particularly aimed at university teachers, educational researchers, curriculum managers and interdisciplinary and/or education students.

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