Keynote speaker: Siu-lun Wong (University of Hong Kong)

This conference discusses the role played by diasporic communities in the making of ‘connected societies’ through the case studies of the Overseas Chinese in Asia. The idea of ‘connected societies’ is inspired by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the core spirit of which is to enhance economic collaboration and cultural exchanges between Asia and Europe by resurrecting the legacy of the ancient Silk Road, both on the land and across the sea.

The BRI has opened up spaces for exploring a new global discourse of development. The aim of this conference is to contribute to this debate by focusing on the notion of ‘diasporic heritage’, which refers to tangible and intangible materialities and practices related to transnational migration. These include, for instance, bodies/bones, medicines, letters home, architecture, remittances, and economic ventures in the ‘migrant worlds’.

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This conference is organised by the Contemporary China Centre at University of Westminster jointly with The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Tsinghua University, China.