A screening of 'Khoon Diy Baarav' (Blood Leaves Its Trails) by award-winning documentary maker Iffat Fatima. This documentary, made over nine years, examines and represents the everyday struggles of families victimised by enforced disappearance in Kashmir.

Enforced disappearance has been practised by the Indian state in Kashmir since the 1990s and thousands of people have become victims. It is not only the 'disappeared', but also many left behind, who become victims of this state practice that violates human rights. It affects entire families, especially those dependent on the disappeared person. 

The screening is followed by a discussion between Iffat Fatima, human rights defender Ms Parveena Ahangar (Chairperson, Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons) and Dr Dibyesh Anand (Head of Department of Politics and International Relations and Director, Centre for the Study of Democracy).

This event is free to attend.

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