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  • Registration and reception
  • Opening ceremony
  • Opening remarks by Dr Peter Bonfield (Vice-Chancellor)


Panel 1: Conflict, Colonialism and Resistance

  • Moderator: Dr Ben Pitcher (Senior Lecturer in Sociology)
  • Claudio Lanza: Archaeology, Violence and Conflict: A conceptual case for Mimetic Rivalry
  • Harry Mongini: Parrehsia, Plurality and Resistance
  • Annapurna Menon and Dan Petrosian: “Fake News” and its impact on Discourses of Resistance

1-1.30pm: Lunch break


Panel 2: Democracy, Identity and Gender

  • Moderator: Dr Orkun Yetkili (Lecturer in Psychology)
  • Hans Absenhaum: Identity Interrupted: Dis-identification as Radical Democratic Practices
  • Maria Bastos: Militarization, Gender and Visual Power: Unveiling Pakistan’s National Identity
  • Elvan Can: Meydan: The discussion of Public Spaces in Turkey & doing research on public space in Istanbul

3-3.15pm: Coffee break


Panel 3 : Race, Police and Reforms

  • Moderator: Lea Sitkin (Lecturer and Deputy Course Leader in Criminology)
  • Nikhaela Wicks: Race, Policing and the Night: Shifting Police narratives of Race and the Consequences for the BAME night time consumers in Greenville
  • Omar Khan: Questioning the universality of normative human rights discourse: Examining how implicit assumptions within universalized knowledge travel and the effect on criminal justice norms and reforms
  • Zacharia Nahouli: The effect of behavioural and verbal rapport-building techniques during eye-witness interviews


  • Ending ceremony
  • Concluding remarks by Professor Dibyesh Anand (Head of School of Social Sciences)

5-6pm: Drinks reception (Room 152, 309 Regent Street)