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Forgetting is a normal and everyday occurrence, however on many occasions we can eventually or suddenly recall a memory that seemed to be lost, thus highlighting the probability that many instances of ‘forgetting’ may in fact reflect inaccessibility rather than true loss. In this talk, CR, a patient with amnesia, will describe her own extreme experience of this normal everyday forgetting, and I will discuss our research and the theory behind this phenomenon. For four weeks, CR recorded regular personal autobiographical events both on a SenseCam (SC) and in a written diary form. Subjective and objective aspects of recall were measured each weekend both without any cues and then with either a SC or diary cue. We show that the SC enabled CR to recall significantly more detailed episodic memories than reading the diary and importantly we observed that the qualitative nature of these memories was different. CR will discuss the impact this has had on her day-to-day life and I will comment on the considerable potential of SC for therapeutic purposes.

All welcome