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The one-day conference marks the first anniversary of the order to close Guantanamo Bay and seeks to re-evaluate international, regional and national responses to terrorism in order to assess the question of how to address international terrorism.

In particular the conference aims to examine the legacy of Guantanamo Bay from legal and political perspectives and to discuss the future direction(s) of the war on terror. This includes topics such as the nexus between human rights and security, the use of emergency powers and the rule of law, accountability for treatment of detainees and rendition and other issues related to the theme of the conference, e.g. what role, if any, does law have in the war on terror? If so, what law applies? If not, does the war on terror represent a separation of law and politics?


We are pleased to welcome Clare Algar, Executive Director of Reprieve (, Carla Ferstman, Director of Redress ( and Jamil Dakwar, Human Rights Director of the American Civil Liberties Union ( as plenary speakers.

There are three panels addressing the theme of the conference:

  • ‘International Law and the ‘War on Terror’: Application and implications’;
  • ‘Assessing the Legacy of Guantanamo Bay’ and
  • ‘The ‘War on Terror’: Domestic and regional implications’.

Attendance is free, but places are limited.


University of Westminster
Fyvie Hall, 309 Regent Street

Date: Friday 22 January 2010

Time: 9:30am-5:00pm

to Dr Emma McCleane:[email protected]