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Chaired by Prof. Adam Sharr, Newcastle University [TBC]

The Olympics are here - and with them a changing cityscape for London. What are some of the implications of this 'mega-event' and how has London, the perennial 'village city' made the games in its own, unique image? A panel of academics, architects and students present dialogues and designs of an alternate nature for the event of the summer.
Dr. Albena Yaneva, Manchester University
Dr. Nancy Stevenson, University of Westminster
Gabby Shawcross, Studio of Cinematic Architecture
Anthony Boulanger, AY Architects + University of Westminster
Chloe Leen, Theodore Molloy, Steve Wilki, University of Westminster

This forms part of an international talks and debates programme, presented by
the University of Westminster and the British Council. Held in Ambika P3,
Marylebone Road, NW1 5LS.

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