Degree Apprenticeships are part of a government initiative designed to provide employer-focused education as part of a combined package of study and work, with the aim of driving UK economic growth through a highly skilled workforce.

Degree Apprentices are employed in full-time paid positions, learning on the job as well as studying for a degree qualification without incurring the usual costs associated with a university education.

Designed and developed with employers, Degree Apprenticeships provide training that meets the skills and needs of the current and future job market. Through combining on the job skills with a university education, both employer and employee benefit from the new scheme.

Degree Apprenticeships are:

  • Real employment and training opportunities
  • Open to both new and existing staff, allowing for a range of staff development programmes
  • A mixture of on and off the job training where apprentices usually spend 80% of their time in the work environment and 20% at university studying for a formal qualification over a period of up to 5 years, depending on the apprenticeship

The number of approved Apprenticeship Standards (the document which details the expected skills, knowledge and behaviours to be gained over the duration of an apprenticeship) ready for delivery continues to grow and we are developing a range of courses to match.

Whether you’re an employer or a learner, you can find out about our Degree Apprenticeship programmes here. If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about our apprenticeships, please get in touch with us.

Information for employers

If you’re thinking of offering Degree Apprenticeships to new or existing staff, we are keen to help.

Degree Apprenticeships offer more than just a way to access levy funds. Through recruiting to Degree Apprenticeship programmes in partnership with the University of Westminster, employers are able to train, educate and build the knowledge of their workforce.

Employers are able to:

  • Access funds to pay for university courses that map with apprenticeship Standards
  • Recruit new staff to degree apprenticeship programmes
  • Upskill existing staff by entering them onto a degree apprenticeship programmes
  • Provide the level of training and education required for a more dynamic and competitive workforce
  • Improve employee retention

Information for apprentices

Our Degree Apprenticeship courses are only available to those employed as part of an agreed apprenticeship scheme. Degree Apprentices are full-time employees who are paid a real wage whilst also studying for a higher level qualification, providing a real alternative to full-time university.

Degree Apprentices are able to:

  • Earn a salary whilst also gaining on the job experience and studying for a degree qualification
  • Develop their skills to increase career prospects both now and in the future
  • Gain a university degree and a professional qualification without taking out a student loan

2020-21 apprenticeship programmes

The University of Westminster is currently offering the following Degree Apprenticeships:

Level 6 Chartered Surveyor

The Chartered Surveyor is a Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor accredited programme which includes the APC as the End Point Assessment. This means interested employers will need to have a suitably qualified mentor working in their organisation who can help prepare the apprentice for the APC examination.

Level 7 Chartered Surveyor (in development for September 2020)

  • MSc Construction Commercial Management or Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Commercial Management
  • MSc Construction Project Management or Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Project Management
  • MSc Real Estate Development or Postgraduate Diploma in Real Estate Development

The Chartered Surveyor is a Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor accredited programme which includes the APC as the End Point Assessment. This means interested employers will need to have a suitably qualified mentor working in their organisation who can help prepare the apprentice for the APC examination.

Level 6 Construction Site Management

  • BSc (Hons) Construction Management

Level 6 Construction Quantity Surveyor

  • BSC (Hons) Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management

Both the Construction Site Manager and Construction Quantity Surveyor apprenticeship are open for Level 5 entry.

Level 6 Healthcare Science Practitioner

The Healthcare Science Practitioner is an Institute of Biomedical Sciences accredited programme and all successful apprentices are eligible to for statutory regulation with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as a Biomedical Scientist. All interested employers will need to ensure they have a suitably qualified workplace supervisor to help support the apprentice as they work towards the EPA.

Level 7 Chartered Town Planner

  • Urban and Regional Planning MA

Currently in development for 2021-22

We continue to review our portfolio, working with employers to provide new apprenticeship programmes. We are currently developing the following programme for September 2021 entry:

Level 6 Building Control Surveyor

  • BSc (Hons) Building Control Surveying

Level 6 Chartered Manager

  • BSc (Hons) Chartered Manager

Level 6 Project Manager

  • BSc (Hons) Project Management 

Level 6 Digital and Technology Professional

  • BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions

Level 7 Senior Leader

  • MBA Senior Leader – Major Project Management

Level 7 Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist

  • MSc Digital Technology Solutions Specialist

20% off the job requirement

All of our apprenticeship programmes are designed to meet the 20% off the job requirement of the apprenticeship funding rules. Each apprentice receives their own learning plan which clearly sets out the expectations placed upon them and their employer.

Work based learning is recorded via our online apprenticeship platform

Why Westminster?

The University of Westminster has a long history of working in partnership with businesses, developing courses to suit their needs. Since 2016 we have been working with our employer partners to create and run excellent apprenticeship programmes, training and upskilling their employees.

Next steps

We’ve put as much of our application process online to make contracting as simple as possible.

1. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs and complete our initial needs assessment forms

2. Ask your employee(s) to complete their relevant apprenticeship application route:

Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management Chartered Surveyor apprenticeship

Applied Biomedical Science Healthcare Practitioner apprenticeship

Building Surveying Chartered Surveyor apprenticeship

Real Estate Chartered Surveyor apprenticeship

3. Complete the contracting process and place your employees on high quality apprenticeship training programmes

Contact us 

We are keen to establish new relationships with employers from a wide range of sectors and welcome enquiries.

For more information please contact: [email protected] / 0207 911 5027