Professor Simon Joss, from the Department of Politics and International Relations, is among the top five authors in the award-winning International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioural Sciences.

This new publication has recently won two prestigious PROSE awards in the categories Excellence in Reference Works and Multivolume Reference – Humanities & Social Sciences.

Professor Joss authored the Eco-cities and Sustainable Urbanism section, which is among the five most accessed chapters out of over 3,900. The contribution discusses the growing significance of sustainable urban development in policy-making and public discourse within a context of global concerns about climate change and urbanisation.  

On this achievement, Joss said: "Since its launch in 2009, the International Eco-Cities Initiative has engaged in innovative research with colleagues both here at Westminster and at a variety of partner organisations, including the Smithsonian Institution and Johns Hopkins University. I'm delighted, therefore, that our growing international recognition is now also reflected in Eco-cities and Sustainable Urbanism being among the five most-read chapters in this award-winning international reference work."

Professor Simon Joss is co-director of the International Eco-Cities Initiative, which is a multi-national research network focusing on urban sustainability policy and politics. 

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