Successful broadcast journalist, former BBC Breakfast presenter, and University of Westminster Psychology MSc alumna Sian Williams, offers a practical and optimistic guide to boosting brain power in her new BBC Radio 4 series.

The five-part series, entitled How to Have a Better Brain, takes a look at how diet, sleep, exercise, relaxation and stimulation all link to brain power and health. Interested in understanding whether mental decline is inevitable or possibly avoidable, BBC News presenter Sian Williams explores new research showing how simple lifestyle changes can help in reversing mental decline.

The series also features Dr Catherine Loveday, a neuropsychologist at the University of Westminster’s Faculty of Science and Technology, and her mother Scilla, a former Consultant Psychiatrist who is working to combat her own memory loss.

Professor Angela Clow and Doctoral researcher Robin Law from the University of Westminster’s department of Psychology also feature in the radio series. 

Trained as a Trauma Assessor, Sian has previously held a lecture at the University of Westminster entitled ‘Journalism and Post-Traumatic Stress – How Do We Protect Our Reporters’, discussing the ways in which journalists and reporters can be protected from the trauma they encounter on the job.

Debuting on Monday 17 August at 1.45pm until Friday 21 August, the How to Have a Better Brain series will also be available on iPlayer.

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