12 students from the Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment recently visited the BRE Innovation Park in Watford, one of a series of educational activities organised by the Westminster Construction Society to support learning and teaching for students engaged in the University’s undergraduate Construction programme.

The BRE Innovation Park in Watford features full-scale demonstration buildings that have been developed by industry partners. These buildings display innovative design, materials and technologies which combine to address the development challenges facing regions across the world. Technology demonstration, research, testing training and dissemination are key activities which underpin the operation and development of the Innovation Park Network, and BRE works closely with a large number of partners from the academia, public and private sectors to shape activities and ensure that these have a positive impact on the development community.

The visit to the innovation park was split into three parts: an introduction, a tour of the BRE Innovation Park, and an exclusive preview of a new building launched at BRE in June 2017. It was organised by Hussain Tawanaee, President of Westminster Construction Society, who accompanied the students and academic lecturers.

Speaking about the experience, Hewan Demessew, a student on the Building Surveying BSc (Hons) course said: "I found the visit to be very inspiring, providing a visual and tangible experience of low carbon homes. It gave us great insight into how what we learn gets applied in the real world - especially how construction solutions should always aim to satisfy a need in an efficient manner."

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