Democratic Education Network (DEN) hosted their second international student conference on 11 and 12 May 2018. The conference programme included around 50 speakers engaged in discussion and debates covering different disciplines such as economics, politics, sociology, law and history. 

This conference, like DEN’s other ongoing projects, was managed, organised and delivered by University of Westminster students. It attracted 70 individuals including fellow students, families, and friends from different universities all over the world including Senegal, India, Germany, Uzbekistan and the United Kingdom. 

The panels ranged from globalization, migration, gender, media, democracy, populism, to regional geopolitics in the Middle East, China and Africa. The conference also highlighted other DEN projects including theatre production, films, and the launching of a magazine as well as a book based on the proceeding of last year’s conference themed “The End of the Global?”.

Vice-Chancellor Dr. Peter Bonfield visited during the first day of the conference, engaged with the students and watched the screening of a documentary film “Behind the Scarf” and a play “Hands Up production”; both were produced and enacted by student members of DEN.

DEN, based in the Department of Politics and International Relations, has been generously supported by Quintin Hogg Trust in enhancing the student experience. They look forward to working within the new School of Social Sciences to encourage and inspire students to become active citizens of this world.

For more information about DEN, see their website. 

Quotes from attendees

Dr Farhang Morady, DEN’s Academic Coordinator - “The conference was the highlights of DEN’s achievement this academic year: students from various countries expressing their research, creativity, imagination and vision of their world, particularly those related to economic equality, development, war, security, peace, democracy, justice and human rights.” 

Prof Dibyesh Anand, Head of Department of Politics and International Relations - “DEN is a living example of how students from our university can work with academics, activists, organisations and students from other universities to create a dynamic community that respects difference and allows for creative expression.”

Beatrice Duduianu, Student - "The conference was an opportunity for students to lead, test and experience a new way of working together” 

Tenzin Tashi, Student - "The high levels of panel discussions and events, packed over the two-days, are testament to the quality standards at the University of Westminster."

Khalil Sabawoon, Student - “DEN’s conference was like a lab where I could experiment my knowledge of the last three years.”


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