Overseas internships (also referred to as traineeships or work placements) may be completed as part of a module if your course allows, or independently when you're not timetabled at university.

You may be able to take part in an internship overseas for credit as part of your degree. To find out more, contact your Academic Exchange Coordinator.

The Student Mobility Team are currently trying to source remote opportunities for our students in light of COVID-19. Please check Blackboard and Engage where we'll be posting any opportunities.

Where to find internship opportunities

Please note that the Student Mobility Team cannot help to directly organise overseas internships.

We advertise opportunities we receive on Global Opportunities Blackboard and Engage. If you're looking for a graduate opportunity overseas please contact the Careers and Employability team or look on Engage.

You may also find external opportunities on the following websites:

Once you've secured an internship, complete our registration form on Engage - the Student Mobility Team will then advise you of the next steps.

You can find information on other internship opportunities, as well as general careers advice, on our Careers and Employability Service pages.

Erasmus+ grants for internships

If you plan to undertake an internship/work placement/traineeship in Europe and you go to a country that is part of the Erasmus+ programme, you can be eligible for a grant to help support you during the placement. 

  • The minimum duration of an Erasmus+ traineeship is 2 months
  • The maximum funding period is 12 months
  • Funding for a traineeship is available to undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD students and recent graduates
  • Depending on the country, you may be eligible for €470–€570 per month
  • Funding is available for work placements that are both embedded and not embedded in the course
  • For details of the Erasmus+ programme and application process, visit our Erasmus+ page and our Erasmus+ section on Blackboard

The Erasmus Student Network hosts an Erasmus Intern website where students can search for internships in Europe. Students can also search for Teaching Assistant Placements in Schools.