Help steer and empower the next generation with as little as six hours of your time.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a long-term relationship that meets a developmental need. A mentor facilitates personal and professional growth in an individual by sharing the knowledge and insights that have been learned through the years. Simply put, mentors are people who help others to succeed.

Why become a mentor?

Being a mentor gives you the chance to enhance your portfolio of skills in key areas such as leadership and communication. Through the Mentoring Scheme, you will have opportunities to attend mentor training and networking events, which will help you to develop confidence and learn strategies to support mentees during your sessions. It is also an opportunity to reflect on your own career, knowing that you are contributing to the success of a University of Westminster student by helping them to navigate the challenge of becoming a professional in their industry.

About our mentoring schemes

Since 2010, our mentoring schemes have supported, inspired and enabled students to significantly develop their skills for the workplace and increase their employability. Mentoring also helps students to learn about the opportunities available in specific sectors, improve their CVs and prepare them for interviews and assessment days.

Our aim is to connect our students and recent graduates with professionals to form a long-term mentoring relationship which will support them with their graduate career.

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How to become a mentor

If you'd like to apply to become a mentor on our scheme, please complete our short application form. For more information or any questions, contact the Mentoring Team at [email protected].

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