The Creative Enterprise Centre (CEC) is an enterprise and entrepreneurship hub supporting all University of Westminster students and recent graduates to develop transferable and industry-relevant enterprise and entrepreneurial skills. 

The CEC delivers a dynamic award-winning programme of events, workshops, competitions and one-to-one guidance which are all delivered and accessed through the Westminster Student Enterprise Journey.

The programme is for all students and recent graduates whatever your personal ambition, whether it is developing your own start-up, working professionally as a freelancer, or developing skills that enable you to lead and stand-out in a professional career. 

Westminster Student Enterprise Journey


The Westminster Enterprise Journey application enables all University of Westminster students and recent graduates to access the Creative Enterprise Centre’s wide range of opportunities, services and resources to develop their enterprise and entrepreneurship skills, and achieve their career goals.

Registering on the Westminster Student Enterprise Journey enables you to identify access, track and manage the precise opportunities, services and support you need to develop your entrepreneurial skills and experience.

The application enables you to create your own personalised entrepreneurial workflow, guiding you through the key stages of:

  • identifying your professional interests
  • exploring opportunities and networks
  • developing ideas and skills
  • building experience
  • accelerating business ideas and careers.

Through the CEC and Westminster Student Enterprise Journey you can access:

  • Expert-led workshops and Inspirational talks
  • Industry networking events
  • 1-2-1 business advice and support
  • Paid freelance work and jobs listings
  • Innovation hackathons
  • Competitions for start-up funding
  • Start-up Visa endorsement for international graduates

Start my Enterprise Journey

Our Vision

Our vision is by 2022, to embed a culture of inclusive enterprise and entrepreneurship across the University of Westminster, enabling a diverse community of over 6000 students and graduates to gain entrepreneurial and enterprise experience, both inside and outside the curriculum.

Find out more about our Entrepreneurship and Enterprise services.

Diversity and inclusion

By building on the University’s founding philosophy of providing “an environment, culture and education that has supported a hugely diverse and international community of students”; the CEC works across the University and with our industry partners to widen participation in entrepreneurship and enterprise opportunities and education by underrepresented groups and intersections.

Co-create with us

We want to collaborate with all staff, academics, students and graduates who have ideas for events, activities and initiatives that can support inclusive entrepreneurship and enterprise across the University and industry. To collaborate with us and share your ideas about how to make it happen, please contact: [email protected] 

Industry Partners

If you are employer, mentor, investor or service provider with experience of supporting and working with students, graduates, freelancers, early-stage start-ups and SME's and would like to work with us and our brilliant community of students, graduates and academics please contact us at: [email protected]

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