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Health services

What we do

Our nurse-run health service provides urgent treatment and advice on most ailments and injures during University hours each semester. The team also provides help and guidance relating to disabilities and chronic conditions, taking a holistic approach that engages mind, body and spirit.

If you have a chronic problem or disability, get in touch with us when you arrive at the University, so that we are in the best position to support you when needed.

We provide the following health services to students:

  • appointments with doctors and nurses
  • urgent treatment
  • health and lifestyle guidance
  • vaccine and travel health
  • contraceptive advice (and free condoms)
  • dental advice
  • sexual health

Note that the service is not the same as a general practice and so you must register with a General Practitioner (a doctor) near your home when you arrive in London. It is especially important to do this if you have a chronic problem or disability.

To find your local doctor, visit the NHS website.

How to access the service

We are available for general health enquiries by telephone and email. If it's not a quick query, please make an appointment to see a nurse. We cannot always be on-site during our advertised clinic times, so it's best to contact us and book an appointment.

We have clinics at both the Harrow and Marylebone Campuses, and a doctor is available by appointment via the nurses.

In the clinic waiting areas there are a variety of informative leaflets and posters to look through or take away with you, including claim forms to help with your health costs. Also look out for news on the University website about specific issues such as vaccinations and health promotion activities.

Who we are

Bunny Hoover and Jeremy San Augustin are our nurses at the Marylebone Campus, and Sue Beeley is our nurse at Harrow.

Contacts directory

Contacts directory

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